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I know I have Hane, Johan, Kaito, Jim, possibly Jehu , hella-rad-Jaden, Eatos, Misawa, Dartz, Rafael and mah babu-senpai. Most of them are already drafted and I’ll also be doing the drabble.

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School Festival


One of the upsides of the Duel Monster Day Festival is that Haou would just wear a costume and then bend into the crowd and circulate around the Duel Academia unnoticed. He wasn’t there for the festivities or the food, but he could spend the event with his wife. Unfortunately they forgot to tell the other in forehand what they would be wearing, so what should be a date under everybody’s noses had just become an exercise of frustration for him. A lot of girls were wearing costumes, many were hiding their faces and the island was very large. Not to mention those outfits you can’t easily guess the gender of the person!

Moving around the booths after a few fruitless hours, Haou was cursing leaving his phone behind. Maybe he should concentrate in paying attention to her aura, instead of merely looking for a girl. Closing his eyes for a brief instant, he felt a familiar presence, but just not who he was looking for. Still, he decided to check on .


It was a good thing he did.

The poor duel monster was a little overwhelmed. Confused that large assembly seemed to be able to see her and other duel monsters, they were even taking photos. Eatos’ hand was ready to draw her sword from the scabbard as soon as she could sense danger. The people surrounding her seemed more curious -some even lecherous - than a threat. It was until she could feel a dark aura approaching.

In any other situation, she would had raised her blade. Instead a relieved smile formed as she recognized the King of Spirits. Still..Why was him dressed as Gorz The Emissary of Darkness? It was when it finally hit her: many of those around her aren’t really Marauding Captains nor other duel monsters but humans dressed up as them! She felt like a fool!

Noticing the shift in her behavior and figuring out what had just happened, Haou did his best to don’t laugh. Approaching her, the duelist smiled

" I believe you could use some company"



  hane-kuriboh said:
"School Festival~!"

How come she convinced him into this?

" C’mon Haou!" Hane chippered " Don’t make this face!"

" I am wearing a mask "

" I’m pretty sure you are making your best grumpy face behind that mask"

She was probably right. The duelist was uncomfortable: they were at the Duel Academia, in the middle of the Duel Monster Spirits Festival and they were wearing costumes so people were looking at them, some even took photos.

" You know it’s one of the few occasions I can materialize and talk to people who can’t see spirits!"

" Then why did you needed me?" if she could talk to anybody, there was no need for him to be with her, it wasn’t an event that one was required to have a date or a chaperoned

" Because I don’t know much about the Academia ~"

" Liar, you lived here with Judai for four years" he growled " You know your way around better than I do!"

" Hmmmhmmmm very true" the spirit agreed, not minding being caught in the lie. Hane was just happy she got his company and also felt so pretty dressed as Lyna, the Light Charmer with her own Happy Lover plushie as her familiar! But something was bugging her ” Why the costume?”

" I didn’t wanted to be recognized. It would be troublesome if people mistook me for Judai"

" Ah, that makes sense. But you sure went very far, I mean, you didn’t needed to add something to cover your mouth too"

" It helps to make my voice sound different "

" You sure thought of everything" Hane clapped her hands. Tilting her head, she was still puzzled " But why a Kaibaman costume?”

"….That was the only one left in the store." he mumbled indignantly .That was ANOTHER reason he didn’t wanted to be recognized.

If you want a drabble about our characters attending the Duel Monster Spirit Day Festival by Friday just send me “School Festival" and let’s see what I can cook up

But if you want a RP, send me a “Let’s go to the School Festival" and let’s have some starter


I was thinking

I totally missed the day of the Duel Monster Spirit Day festival but as there are still cons going on in real life and stuff, maybe I should do a starter or propose a drabble for whoever is interested?

I’m just a dork who like this plot as an excuse to do something different of the usual

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And Haou assures you that he isn’t attracted that way to either Rafael or Eatos, so no cake…Which will lead us to the other option

  Anonymous said:
Are you going to invite Eatos and Rafael over for Christmas or something? I bet they'd bring you gifts. You could maybe knit a sweater for Eatos that looked like a chicken wing. Or instead of a big Christmas dinner, order out chicken wings of all varieties.


" Do you realize that in Japan Christmas is like another White Day - a second Valentine’s Day of sorts? And do you also realize that Japanese celebrates Christmas either with a cake between lovers or with a large bucket of KFC?"

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muse a was a soldier - he defended the country, he trained incoming boys and girls to fight like men; taught them to fight with brutality and relentless force. muse b was a gentle spirit - a kindergarten teacher by day and a piano instructor on the weekends; she was the very image of grace and tenderness. when muse a was badly injured in a bombing at the front lines, he returns home to find a requirement that he partake in piano lessons, which will help with both is mental acuity and hand-eye coordination. Resentful at first, he attends lessons grudgingly, but there’s something about this piano teacher - there’s something about this woman that rattles his steel heart.

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